Create Secure End-of-Life Plans for Your Assets

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As you begin to plan for the future, you'll want to make arrangements for your estate after you pass away. Unger Law Firm will partner you with our estate planning attorney to create legally binding plans. Based in Texarkana, TX, our firm draws on more than 15 years of experience to provide reliable, skilled services for our clients.

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Work through probate disputes effectively

Work through probate disputes effectively

When someone dies, their estate needs to go through probate to make sure it's legitimate and distributed fairly. You may need help from a probate attorney if...

  • Your loved one doesn't have a will.
  • A family member is disputing the will.
  • You believe the will is fraudulent.

By working with an experienced lawyer, you can approach probate matters with confidence. Make an appointment with our probate attorney by calling 903-280-7831 today.

Trust Preparation and Guardianship

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When was the last time your updated your will? Are you absolutely certain that your will currently reflects your life, family, and needs? Not only will Unger Law Firm help you update your will regularly, we'll educate you on trusts, which can often be far more reliable than wills in the event of death.

It's also extremely important to determine a guardianship plan for children and minors to avoid lengthy legal guardian processes. We'll reach out proactively to make sure conditions are still appropriate for your guardianship plan, will, trust and more.

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